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If you’re starting at 4.0.12, go from 4.0.12 to 4.0.13, then 4.0.13 to 4.1.9, and then from 4.1.9 to 4.2.It might seem like a lot more work, but it’ll save you time in the long run. The newest point version of a Rails release has the best deprecation warnings. The best thing to do is download a pre-built version of Ruby. But it requires MASSIVE amounts of patience in order to get the correct dependencies / libraries installed.When a test fails, and it doesn’t look like it’s your fault, it usually means one of your gems needs to be updated.A Rails upgrade is just about the worst time to upgrade a gem.If you do want to do this, there are two options: Press 3 and Enter.From here, it should work to install the various components of the MSYS2 development toolchain.

They’ll introduce you to all the cool new Rails 4.2 features you’ll soon be able to use.Rails Installer does NOT keep its libraries up to date.—The best thing to do is to download the ZIP version of Ruby Installer.Whilst there is an installer, it’s better to just download the binaries in the ZIP.If this process fails (we had a Windows 8 user where the process hung randomly), you’ll want to switch back to MSYS2 and run one of the following commands (installs the build tools manually): If this does not work (in Windows 8), you should continually resize the MSYS2 window.This is what it took to get it working on a reader’s system.—The Ruby Installer2 repo has a good tutorial on how to do this: Next, you need to install Ruby Gems.

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Git is a source code management system (SCM), basically allowing you to sync your development source with production and staging environments.

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