Sharepoint eventhandler itemupdating

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Sharepoint eventhandler itemupdating

Hi everyone, Today I will talk about “event handler” and more specifically those used on elements of lists and libraries.

3 types of events are attached to the lists and libraries: Adding, updating and deleting Each of its events can be retrieved synchronously (at the time of the action) andasynchronous (right after the end of the action).

but when we EDIT the existing booking then my ITEMUPDATING() event is not firing. I had inserted a Debugger in Item Updating Event but it is not hiiting.

In the many years I worked for U2U, I worked as technical assistant for Patrick Tisseghem who unfortunately died on 3th September 2008.

Together with Patrick we developed the alfa and beta versions of the Silverlight Blue Print for Share Point which contains several samples on how to integrate Silverlight with Share Point. I’m also board member of the belgian user group BIWUG.

Eventreceiver triggers when we try to modify document Set metadata/fields, and when we attach it directly to the list instead of document Set.

The document Set wraps the class SPFolder so the add/edit document will not trigger the item Updated event? regards, [;] You need to add event handlers for each content type that can be stored in the document set that you want to handle the events for.

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So I have not made any changes in Item Updating() event.