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Kwa Dukuza Shaka chose Kwa Dukuza as his new capital, where Stanger Town now stands, because he knew that the area was well watered and had good for grazing his vast herds of cattle.

The new settlement began in July 1825, and was occupied by September.

They lowered Shaka's body and all his possessions down into the empty pit and filled it with rocks, forming a cairn of rocks over the top.He fell dead at the entrance of the Nyakamubi kraal.His faithful companion, Pampata guarded his massive, 1 metre, 91 cm (6 ft.They met and obtained land around the bay from King Shaka, and called their tiny settlement Port Natal. Hutton, and the young John Ross, befriended and traded with King Shaka, and the Zulus who were living in Zululand.Later, it was to be re-named Durban, after Cape Governor D' Urban. Items such as elephant tusk ivory, skins and carvings, were traded for the settler's beads, cloth, food and trinkets.

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