Bungie games always updating

Posted by / 25-Jun-2017 09:02

Bungie games always updating

If neither of those takes your fancy, there's always good old Secret (or Tempo) Mage which has a couple of new tools in its arsenal.

Keep your fingers crossed for this one, as it's high time Mage players had something more interesting to play with on the ladder.

Keep this page bookmarked as we'll have ongoing updates throughout December.

The Taunt (or Recruit) Druid deck that was tipped to be big in the Kobolds meta has yet to really take off but it's early days yet.

From this article you'll be able to access every last one of those decks, and we'll be both adding to the collection and updating existing lists throughout December.

Even better, you can click on each link to gain access to a comprehensive guide that explains how to play the decks in question.

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These are going to take a bit more time in the oven, we suspect.